Summer Reading List Part One

As a request by several of my friends, I am posting a summer reading list of suggested readings from me. This is a two-part post. This first part is books I have read and am suggesting to you because they were fantastic. Part two will be books I haven’t read that I hope to get reading this summer.
Let me start off with, I love reading. I love, love reading. But I haven’t always loved reading. Honestly it wasn’t until just two years ago that I started reading for fun and not just for school. I picked up a Barbara Kingsolver book and something clicked. Now I couldn’t stop reading if I tried. I picked what I thought was a bit of a variety of books. I love nonfiction and fiction, and from different age and gender perspectives. I loved all these books and I highly suggest you pick up at least one of these this summer.
1-                   If you don’t feel like reading any of the other books at least read this. I have never met a person who has read this and not liked it. John Green is one of my all time favorite authors and writes great books. This New York Times best seller is sure to make everyone laugh and cry and fall in love with its very quotable nature. AND, a movie is coming out soon so make sure you read it before the plot is spoiled by Hollywood! A little background, it’s about two cancer kids that fall in love, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about infinity. Just read.
2-                   Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris is a hilarious and light summer read. It’s compiled of true short stories about his life and it is a great book to read for a bit, set down, and come back to later for more hilariousness. If you want something fun, but with a layer of depth, and great writing, then read this. Warning, it is a bit adult.
3-                   The Glass Castle is a biography written by Jeanette Walls that will steal your heart. It’s about her childhood up to young adulthood and it is the most inspiring biography I’ve ever read. If you want a story that says nothing is impossible no matter where you come from, this is it. I highly recommend this to everyone. No matter who you are, this book will change your attitude. It’s soo good I feel like reading some parts… hold on….
4-                   Okay back to fiction. Barbara Kingsolver is hands-down my favorite author. No competition. I encourage you to look up some of her other books. She has many, and I can tell you that I’ve read six now and they are all phenomenal. She has both fiction and nonfiction, but I chose this book because I read it last summer and compared to her other novels I think this was a good summer read. Animal Dreams is about a woman who is coming back home and trying to figure out where she belongs, and reconciling her past with her future. The imagery and the writing is just beautiful. Summer is the time of discovery and this book will really help you search all the parts of your heart.
5-                   Finally, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I started with a teen fiction, and I’ll end with one. This book is great to read right before school starts. Now I am sure that many of you have seen the movie (but the movie sucked compared to the book and the book is so much better and the movie didn’t even cover the most important stuff in the story!), but the book is even better. The main character, Charlie, is just entering high school and is trying to figure out where he fits in and if anyone notices him. Of course a lot of things happen, he makes some great friends, falls kind of in love (Emma Watson), and while the novel is called the “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” the book is laced with sad reasons why it’s not at all as perked as it seems to be a wallflower. So yeah, all those people who want to be wallflowers like Charlie just because they watched the movie are weird, because if you read this book you understand it’s not really that great at all.

That’s my list for you! Stick around for my next list. And also, thanks for dealing with my little rants. Feel free to leave your own opinions about these books or suggest other books!

Much Love, Sarah Jasmine

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