About Me

Sarah Montgomery is an 18 year old currently residing in the Texas hill country who lets simplicity, positivity, and attention to detail dominate her life. The purpose of this blog is to inspire, share personal ideas, and connect with amazing people around the globe.
When she is not blogging or writing things about herself in third person she is reading, crafting, taking photos, hanging out with her family and boyfriend, and trying to figure out how to become an adult and make her dreams come true.

Wow. It’s really hard to write third person about yourself. Anyway, I’m Sarah! Welcome to my blog. I want to keep this short and kind of let my blog speak for itself. With a Little Jazz has been around for about three years now and is constantly changing and growing as I change and grow. The purpose of this lifestyle blog is documentation of my life as well as an attempt to provide inspiration and a positive atmosphere for like-minded thinkers.  You will find everything here from outfit posts, to funny videos of my friends. I’m so glad you’re here and I hope that you enjoy this space and remember that everything is better with a little jazz.

Much love, Sarah Jasmine

If you have any questions or concerns email me at withalittlejazz@gmail.com

Other Random things I love (just throwing these in there):
nature, colors, science, stars, poetry, volvos, classy women, farm animals, nerdy computer stuff, collecting, leotards, and simplicity.