Let's Talk Vinyl


     Over the past month I've added three new vinyl albums to my collection. While it is still a small collection (and half of it is She & Him), seeing it grow and getting vinyls with my boyfriend has come to be one of my new favorite little hobbies. Now, why vinyl? I'm not super musically inclined, and though some claim the superiority of the sound quality on vinyl, I really can't tell the difference. I got my record player two years ago as a christmas present from my boyfriend (awesome boyfriend right??).  What I really love about it is the feeling I get listening to my record player. It's not quite so easy to skip tracks, and as accessible as most modern media devices, and I like that. I really focus on enjoying the music and whatever feeling the music gives off more than I do when I'm listening to music off of my computer. If you happen to be considering getting a record player I highly encourage you to do so. However, I don't want to just rush you into that. From my view, here are the pros and cons:

Pros: Vinyls usually come with a downloadable copy of the album so you get the record and the album for your mp3/ it just is cool and has a homey feel to it/ most of them are pretty portable so they can be moved around the house/you can find old records in addition to new ones you buy. It's always great finding awesome old records to add to the collection!

Cons: High initial cost. I recommend not buying a record player cheaper than 80 dollars otherwise the quality and its life expectancy is questionable/ you can't skip tracks very easily on most cheaper record players (though that's not a problem if you have one of the really nice, big expensive ones) so you kind of have to listen to the whole album which isn't bad if you like the whole album/ maintenance. Every once in a blue moon you need to clean your records and record player and maybe switch out the needle to keep it in optimal condition. 

   Well now that I've out in my two cents about vinyls I hope you enjoy this horrible quality and incredibly mediocre video me and my younger brother made :) 

         Much Love, Sarah Jasmine 

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