18 Thoughts...


This past month has been crazy. I turned 18, graduated high school, opened my retirement account. I mean, I'm basically an adult right? Well, I don't know about that, but I do have a few other thoughts about being 18... bear with me.  

 1. What can I do now? Nothing. Legally I really can’t do anything I couldn’t do before except smoke and own a credit card (the former ew gross and the latter is actually exciting don’t get me wrong), but all this time I thought I was going to idk transform into some super person that adults seem to make themselves out to be. Then I realized 17 year old me and 18 year old me do the exact same things. Yay.
  2. Taxes. What? why?  
  3. Since I’m not a teenager anymore I have to find another excuse for being grumpy that is not teen angst. How am I supposed to justify my temper tantrums now? (No, I’m not on my period.)
  4. When do people start respecting me?
  5. I’m so happy about turning 18 and graduating because I’m getting all this money in preparation for the poorest years of my life (wooo?). Too bad I don’t like spending money and am instead using all these cash prizes to open a retirement account.
  6. Can I still watch “clueless”?
  7. So you’re telling me I have to move out and go live with a stranger?
  9. I can actually start making my dreams come true and do things that feel like they matter towards my future. Really, I’m really happy about that.
  10. I don’t need parental consent for anything (mostly). It’s not really a big deal, but thinking about that is just like “whoa, I can sign my own papers now.”
  11. I’m going to have to start paying for things. Like my cell phone bill. Food. Toothpaste. And if you know me you understand I have expensive tastes in all of the above.
  12. Taylor Swift’s song 15 doesn’t apply to me anymore, and neither does her song 22. So dang it.
  13. I am as old as the movies Pocahontas and Jumanji.
  14. Now if I commit and felonies I go to the big jail. I guess it’s time to give up that life of crime.
  15. I still don’t drive. Is that a problem? Nah. (seriously I don’t even have a permit.)
  16. I can no longer appear on any reality T.V. show if I get pregnant. I’m taking this as a good thing…
  17. Still scared of monsters.
  18.  I am really only 18 years into my life, as mature as I’d like to think I am that’s really young sooo, hopefully I don’t have to do everything on my own yet. 

Much Love, Sarah Jasmine

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