Workshop Wednesday: Fall Art Journal

*workshop wednesdays are where I discuss my passion of written art via sharing poetry, my writing, art journals, or by discussing writing techniques and providing prompts for you to take on and enjoy on your own*
This is my most recently completed art journal. I loved doing a journal that pointed specifically at the fall season. Fall is filled with so much change, memories, and things that go undocumented, so it was nice recorded the feel of this season to remember for forever. This was the last fall of high school. The last fall of 7 classes a day. The last first day of school where you dress up, plan rides with girlfriends, and have advisory. I hope to remember all the good and bad feelings that came with this season. 
This journal made by this amazing girl Kara Haupt was wonderful. All the prompts were really interesting and interactive, such as making a comic, and also thoughtful. It's hard to say goodbye to this fall, but having this journal makes it so much easier. Check out this journal and Kara's other journals here
Here is the last art journal I did over this past summer. 
In other news talking about my last year of high school... I'm currently working on my senior Ad for the back of my yearbook. It's so crazy. I know that I'm not that old, but sometimes I get that feeling like "17, whoa, when did I get here?" 
I'm very excited for this winter season. I have never been so hyped over christmas. I have tons of projects and recipes to share. 
Thanks for reading. xoxo. sarah jasmine. 

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