Color Story: Brown

I used to hate the color brown. I remember my dad patiently trying to get me to wear brown, explaining that it matched with everything, but stuck in my world of pink and purple I refused to believe such things could be true. Now look at me, brown (and all brownish colors) has become one of my very favorite colors. Brown is like that thing that sneaks up on you when you aren’t expecting it, and when it does you don’t know how you lived without it. That’s how I think of it. Brown is everything I aspire to be. It’s traveling to change the world. Settling down on a farm. Brown is countless adventures, filled with tons of getting a little dirt on your elbows and knees. Brown is fearless, and brown is comfortable. Brown sweaters and boots, and pants have consumed my fall, and will most likely also take over my winter. To all those brown haters out there who are like the old me, just look at all the beauty brown brings. It’s the natural state of things, and really it’s life itself. Ah… Brown, brown, brown…
happy magical monday. xoxo. sarah jasmine.  
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