Please Remember

Today was a fairly normal day. A good day even. I did all the normal things and talked normal. In fact at my high school that's what most people did. They wrote down the date on their papers as if it was nothing. We all know what today is. Many people my age were too young to understand, or past my generation even remember it. I was six the day the towers fell and I remember seeing my dad in shock as he watched the television. I remember the night being a silent one for all Americans.
I know it was eleven years ago today. I know now it's becoming less of a tragedy and more of something we just have in our history books. And I fear that.
I know this blog isn't really about this kind of stuff. Scratch that this blog is, because I'm proud to live in this nation. This nation where I have the freedom to even have a blog. Where even after such an attack we stand tall, we unite, and we love each other. So, I encourage you, to just for a moment, remember with reverence.
Please remember.

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  1. I remember my dad was about to take me to school that day and we watched the first tower burning on tv. He told me today was going to be really rough at school. In my first period class of my sophomore year, I watched the second tower. We were allowed to go outside and just talk with all of the other kids at school about what was going on instead of being in class. It was so strange, especially being on the West Coast not understanding what was happening on the east coast, how this was effecting people who were right there.
    It was a crazy time. And I hope that more people your age start to feel its significance as you do. Some people have older souls and feel things more deeply, I think you and I are some of those people <3
    xo Moorea