I use this color on my blog a bit because I do love it so. Light pink. The color of my childhood. I've always been a girly girl. The dress up in princess costumes, play with barbie type of girl. What can I say? I think some girls try to get away from pink for the very reason that I love it: the total feminine quality. Pink means....
feminity, imagination, beauty, innocence, rosy cheeks and dress up,
pink is spontanious laughter, pink is mothers teaching daughters,  and all the very delicate and lovely parts of a woman
I don't despair at the thought of being the gentler sex. I can be strong and funny and intelligent and sweet all at the same time. That's what pink means to me.
xoxo. sarah jasmine.
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p.s- I started making pin boards for my colorstories. Check out other pink photos that inspire me here. 

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