Old Me.

box that I put all my old journals in 
I'm starting my fall journal now, but I needed some paper. I've always loved journals and writing and I've stored up quite a collections so I thought about using some of my old journals, but as soon as I pulled them out I got lost in a world of Old me. Me from 2nd grade writing my first poem. Me from 6th grade liking boys. Me from 9th grade, trying to stay a float. Journals and journals filled with old stories, memories, and prayers. Some of the prayers mirror my own today. It's crazy to think of how much I've changed, grown, and matured. How my hand writing and spelling have changed. It's tear jerking to read some of my most heartfelt moments written down: my first heart break, my pleas to God, and even my happiest moments. I've always been one to write, and now more than ever I realize the beauty in it. In capturing emotions in words. My dad encouraged me so much and I will encourage my children just as I'm encouraging you. Capture those moments. In any form you can. A poem, a photo, a ticket stub. It fill my heart to remember all these things and know that my life is not even half way over. I still have so much more to do, and see, and feel. And I will try to capture it as best as I can.
much love, sarah jasmine.

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