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I know these one's a gimme. Fall has begun and orange is the color of the season, but that does not take away how beautiful a color it is. Orange, most obviously change. But I don't really think of that when I see orange. Growing up in Texas we don't get many trees that change color and lose their leaves. But we do get beautiful sunrises and sunsets along the wide sky. That's what I think of when I think of orange. That little splash of magic that awes you for only a moment before it's gone. Orange is the color of doing. Green gets me going, but a sense of orange comes over me when I'm at in the middle of a craft, or carving a pumpkin, or prepping for the cold season to come. Lastly, orange is a brave color. Disliked by so many, but I think it's absolutely lovely, bright, and magical because it represents such a lovely time of year.
oh orange, what a great color.

xoxo. sarah j.
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