So Okay

So yeah, I've been gone. For A long time. More than that...like over a week. This is totally temporary (I think) because of the move and the fact that school is two weeks away and I have summer reading and college applications to finish and yearbook covers to design (well ONE cover but still), and such. But I promise. I REALLY MISS YOU GUYS. It's hard because I've been wanting to blog but just haven't had time to put together anything of good enough quality. BUT, all my new school clothes are coming in so expect some new outfit posts, and I'll be having some adventures before school starts, and I've got a restyle up my sleeve. So this isn't the last you've heard of me.....
Also if you want to keep in touch besides the blog I'm on all social networks! Find me on Pinterest under "Sarah Jasmine" and on Twitter and Instagram @WithALittleJazz. I'd love to follow you back.
In the mean time watch this mind blowing, spin chilling, ultra inspiring video. I get goose bumps when I watch it.

xoxo sarah jasmine.

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