Sorry for all the silence here. I've been moving all week and it's so hard to turn my attention to anything else. I have room plans and things to organize and new furniture to get. For the past few nights I've slept on the floor of my new room just contemplating all the things I want to do and the experience of moving itself. It's a good and bad feeling. The excitement of a new place but still longing for all the memories the old one brings. all my crafts, all my goals are on hold right now as I move. Even this blog post is not up to par as I wait for my furniture to finally arrive...
During this whole move I just imagine I am a bird... Focused solely on migration. Prepping my wings for this long flight into life in my new home.
Love you all. Xoxo. Sj.

P.s. I posted this on my new iPhone!!! I'm on instagram via @withalittlejazz

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