Goodbye Summer

Summer is almost over. Sure the weather will still be hot, but school is coming up in nearly a week, my reading project needs to be finished, and I've already been to a handful of yearbook meetings. Where did summer go??? I remember just yesterday relishing the freedom and now it's time for senior year. woah. I wanted to recap summer with my summer scrapbook. Keeping a summer scrapbook was one of my big goals for this summer and I'm so happy I did. Years from now I will be able to look back on this book and remember all the wonderful things about summer of 2012. More than that this is my first full scrapbook. I love scrapbooking! This summer I experimented with a lot of paper craft and I can't wait to experiment more with scrapbooks to come.
Here is a look at the final product:
My opening: I went into the summer of 2012 with high hopes of better establishing myself in the internet world, spending lots of time adventuring with besties, and expanding my business. This summer was filled with so many goals....
My closing: Well I guess that's the end. There are so many more undocumented memories: swing dancing, sewing with Pam, time with my grandma. Thinking back, I nearly want to cry. There was so much I did, and so much I didn't do. There is so much I learned, and so many people I learned better and better loved. More than that, it makes me scared to know that summer is over. Senior year. The last frontier. I will hold this summer in my heart forever. Till the next. xo. sj. 

hope you're enjoying the last few days of summer. xoxo sj.

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