Workshop Wednesdays: Art Journal Part II

*workshop wednesdays are where I discuss my passion of written art via sharing poetry, my writing, or by discussing writing techniques and providing prompts for you to take on and enjoy on your own*
I finished my art journal! Two weeks ago I shared this life story journal course I was doing taught by Kara. I finally finished and I’m so proud. I learned a lot about myself and about exploring different creative techniques.  This journal is my life story and I love how well I think it reflects that. Have you ever done an art journal? I highly recommend it! If you don’t know how to get started like me, check out these courses taught by Kara. She’s awesome and her courses are great. I just want to do them all.
Here are some more pages of my journal:
Here’s the intro to my life story:
I could tell the same story I always tell: motherless girl, single father, etc, etc. Though touching, it has turned into more than reality, and I want to feel real. Instead I could tell you about a sad girl who cries, and imagines, and worries. Or I could tell you about a joyful girl who is ambitious, dreams, smiles, and cares about everyone. Or maybe I’ll tell about neither. Because like everything, I am neither light or dark. And life is more than the good moments and the bad moments. Life is nights of silence. The tears of joy. A faint whisper. Life is God and life is me. And that’s the real story. 
Everyone has a story. What’s yours? muchlove, Sarah j. 

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  1. Your honest words always bring tears to my eyes! Love you sweet cousin!