Daily Outfit: Best Summer Piece

This vintage romper is arguably my favorite piece of clothing this summer. I had to stop myself from wearing it everyday. I found it, if you’ve been reading for a while you know this, when I was vintage shopping before going to a concert in Austin back in April. I knew it would be great for summer and I was so right. I feel like a beach babe from the 40s. It’s a good feeling. 
Since it’s vintage I wanted to pair it with more original things. Such as my new turban. I know some people would say no to the stripes on stripes, but I love them cause it’s like I’m a sailor.  Yes, a sailor.
I also paired the romper with this cute little vintage broche from goodwill and of course my summer shoes (I’m not ashamed. These really are the only shoes I’ve been wearing all summer).
I’m trying to take more outfit photos around home just to look back on after I move. Which is soon. Packing Party!
Hava a magical Wednesday. Xoxo sarah jasmine. 

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