I Used To Make....

I used to make shoes. Yes, when I first decided to be a business woman the summer before my sophomore year I decided I would start out by decorating shoes for people. I really loved it and there was plenty of demand. Too much actually. Little could I predict that sophomore year would be so busy and as the shoes piled up so did my stress. I even had to refuse some orders. Since it was only me and is only me now working on my little, hopefully big someday, business it makes me really think what it would be like to have a business partner. Not to handle the workload just to act as a motivator. I love making things in my quality me-time but sometimes I think it’s be nice to have someone to make a fun time out of it. You know?

Anyway here are some samples of my shoes. I used to use various markers but I find that I prefer paint such as this latest pair I’ve done for a friend (the l. The paint is also more durable and I can coat painted shoes with a sealer to keep the decorations lasting longer. It also allows me to add things such as glitters and such if requested. I really love the texture it adds to the shoes too. I will be continuing to use paint on shoes. These shoes will appear in my Etsy shop when it debuts in August for 30$ plus shipping but of course if you are local and would like me to make you a pair I would be happy to if you email me at jasmine.montgomery@gmail.com. I will be selling them in limited amounts to make sure I can produce them in a timely manner. The cost includes the labor for decorating and the price of the shoes which are Target brand white tennis shoes. If you would like to supply your own shoes (Keds, or Vans, or something of the sort) I’d be willing to negociate a new price since I will not have to purchase the shoes.

This was the first pair after a long break of not decorating shoes, and I'm really excited to get back into it. It's like painting on a blank canvas only better! They are 100% personalized so none of the pairs are the same. Thanks for looking into my original business project. xoxo. sarah j. 

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