Weekly Restyle #4: Tank Top to Turban

Hey guys! I hope you all had a good weekend, this is my latest restyle. I’ve been lusting over some turbans on pinterest so I figured out how to make one out of an old stretchy tank top. You could really do this with any extra fabric. I liked this fabric because it was pretty stretchy.  

11. Cut off the bottom four to five inches off the bottom. 2. You should have a circle of fabric, but you want one long strip. So cut one of the seams. 3. Fold the strip in half inside out and pin it down. 4. Sew the strip inside out. 

5. Turn the strip right side out. 6&7. Put it on your head and fold over in the turban style then take off the turban keeping the shape such as in image seven. 
8. Take a small extra piece of fabric left over the shirt and repeat steps 1-4 on the small strip of fabric. Once you do that fold it over the two strips of fabric on the turban and sew it down. This step is not mandatory but it helps the turban looked more polished at the end. 8&9. Now sew the open end together to finish off the turban. 10. Slip the little loop you made earlier over to cover the ugly sewed up part and you are done!

I love my new turban! Like I said before it can made with any type of extra t-shirt or fabric lying around. xoxo sarah jasmine.  

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