It's tough when horrible things happen. Scratch that. It's heart shattering. This week seems to filled with the worst kind of misery and suffering. On top of the Colorado tragedy, locally a classmate passed away just yesterday. She wasn't my best friend, or in my grade, but rather just an acquaintance from my art class. Still I cried, because she was a beautiful soul that left too soon. My heart aches for all those suffering right now, from loss, from injuries. It's hard to know what to do a times like this. It feels almost like a crime to keep living. To be happy. The best we can do is remember them and continue to love them with all of our heart.
I wanted to post a restyle today, but after everything I couldn't focus on anything but the heaviness in my heart. In these situations though, I am always amazed in our ability to come together. As Americans we know that we all suffer from such tragic and horrible loss, as that experienced a few days ago. We mourn as a family.

We will never really understand why some terrible things happen, but I always trust that God has a bigger plan. 
My prayers go out to all relatives and fear friends suffering from these horrible losses. God Bless. sj.

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  1. I love you! Praying that although you are heartbroken, you will find your joy again soon! So sorry to hear about your classmate. I hope she is in a better place. God bless you Sarah!