On Teen Life And The Beyond

I don't always like sharing random thoughts I'm thinking. I think it's lame and no one will want to read them, but oh well, here I go....

This is shocking but I might as well say it. I love being a typical teen. Not typical in a sense that I love sewing and practice French for fun, but typical in other senses. As much as I’m excited for college and adulthood and etc…I really love being able to ride around with friends aimlessly till two in the morning without a care. Is it selfish?  I love being melodramatic when my dad says something offensive (which isn’t even often but I like pretending). I like sneaking into movies, and deep conversations that revolve around "life" and "what are we suppose to do because we’re just kids and we have no idea?". I like my high metabolism, and the ability to fail because you’ve got a support group of friends and family to tell you it’s okay you’re young enough to make mistakes. I’ve been thinking about what happens when I go to college. When my friends all move across the state and country, and when I move away from Joel and my family. And teen life is over and I have to grow up and pay bills...and kill my own spiders (currently the job of my father and boyfriend, whoever is closer at the time). The truth is I’ve always been mature for my age. I always wanted to grow up. But now growing up just seems scary and as much as I don’t want to stay in a stagnant limbo of adolescence I don’t know if I’m ready to grow up…

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