Weekly Restyle: Fringe Shirt

This was without a doubt the easiest clothing alteration I've ever done. It took me maybe 15 minutes at the most to make this fringe shirt. 
The only supplies you need are scissors, a shirt (mine is an old t-shirt that I cut out the collar and cut the bottom some time before. I recommend cutting the bottom of a regular T-shirt to have some variation in your fringe), and any type of addition you want to put on the fringe. For example, I'm using beads, but you could very easily use feathers or other things for your shirt. 
Here's how I made my new fringe shirt:
1 & 2: Take the shirt and cut the sides as far as you want your fringe to go. I recommend putting on your shirt and marking how high you want your fringe to go. Do not cut the side all the way up to your armpits. 
3&4: Begin cutting your fringe a somewhat even length until it is all cut. I cut thinner strips for my shirt. 
5 & 6: Add whatever you want. I used some wood beads at the end of some of the strips, and I think it adds some more personality to the fringe. 

*SPECIAL NOTE: hand wash your shirt because it will get all tangled if machine washed. I know that's probably common knowledge, but I found out the hard way.

You can see above how I styled it. I like pairing my fringe shirt with a tank top underneath and some high-waisted shorts. I highly encourage trying something like this since it was so easy. 
xoxo. sarah jasmine. 
p.s- I did this restyle a while ago when my hair was blond so don't be confused by the change. 

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