Dreaming of Fall....

This always happens. Half way through the hot relentless summer I start dreaming of fall. It's not that I don't love summer, but I can't help but lust for cooler temperatures and better yet: back to school shopping. This is my senior year and my last year to go on a shopping spree for school. I've been searching around for inspirations and writing up a list of things to get. I've already purchased a few items including these cute ombre tights and leg warmers from Three Bird's Nest, and this Amethyst ring from Moorea Seal.
I'm really trying to contribute to small businesses and companies that I know I can trust. It's hard to resist throwing all my money at Urban Outfitters and Forever 21, but I know that handmade pieces have the most love and care, and though they may be more expensive for me less is more if it means having pretty pieces like these in my closet. Of course, I won't exclude retail stores entirely, but helping out my fellow business owners is a step I would like to take.

If you wanna check out my fall fashion inspirations go to my "passion for fashion" pinboard.

I'm still enjoying summer thought and I do not, by any means, want it to go by any faster than it already is. There is still so much to do! what season are you dreaming of? xoxo. sarah jazzmine.

p.s- If you're interested in supporting small businesses, websites like Etsy and Fab.com are the places to go. Check 'em out! I'll share more on my favorite small businesses later on...xoxo.


  1. Those leggings are FREAKING AMAZING! Checked out passion for fashion page and you have amazing taste, but I think you were born in the wrong era! You and Audrey Hepburn could have been bossom buddies!

  2. I know that's why I love vintage shopping but everything is always so expensive! All of the things above were actually on sale which is why I got them because they are usually quite out of my price range.