Daily Outfits: My Comfort Zone

I started getting into fashion around 7th grade. In eighth grade I had my own fashion show for my birthday party. Since those years I really have just been immersed in the hobby of fashion and style. My fashion sense is pretty girly. I don't really wear jeans very often and t-shirts make me feel really awkward and uncomfortable. On that note, I wanted to show you what my comfort zone is. On my casual day I can usually be found wearing a maxi skirt or a simple dress. But this outfit is pretty much my go-to outfit for a relaxing day. A leotard, this thrifted maxi skirt, and a simple pair of shoes or heels (yeah I actually enjoy wearing heels). And I'm in minimal, if any, make up with a simple ribbon in my hair, and have no jewelry.
This is my idea of comfort.

On another note, I didn't take very good photos for three reasons. One: It was sooo hot. Two: I spent half the time trying to get a good spinning photo (which I didn't really accomplish because I was on a hill wearing heels). Three: After about 15 minutes the garbage truck came by and I decided I didn't want to be judged by garbagemen while I was taking photos of myself.
Still I've been practicing editing my photos in Photoshop and thanks to this helpful tutorial on ABM the photos that were okay came out looking pretty good.

That's my little story about my comfort zone and these photos. xoxo. sarah jasmine.

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