On Leaping

This morning was one spent on planning and dreaming. The kind spent looking at inspiration, coming up with project ideas, and writing hundreds of goals. From a young age I have always been into dreaming big. My resolutions involved saving the world and writing dozens of books. Though I've become a bit more rational in my goals (maybe just one or two books...) I still am always dreaming big about the next stage in my life. Starting a business (hopefully soon), sewing dresses I've sketched, and  pretty soon going to college to pursue my future career in design. Sometimes it's overwhelming, and sometimes I fail and make things that don't come out the way I planned, but I learn and I continue to grow. It's hard to take that first leap. To dive into your hopes and dreams. I can find myself full of doubt or frustration or just genuinely believing that I can't do something. But with a help from friends and family and determination at the end of the day I know that it's all or nothing. So, don't be afraid to chase your dreams. Sometimes it's good to just take that leap.
much love, sarah jasmine.
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