The Evolution of My Hair

So if you’ve been paying attention you may have noticed my hair has gone through a few changes this summer. I didn’t really draw attention to it because I wanted to wait till I knew how it was going to finally turn out, but I’ve finally reached that point so here is a post, about my hair…
My hair is one of my favorite assets, (which is why I’m pretty obsessed with hair accessories) My mother has an afro and my dad has thick dark hair so naturally my hair is curly, dark, and amazingly thick. Even though I love my hair, I’m very impatient and indecisive with it. I started dying my hair when I was 7, since then I’m always dying or cutting, or restyling it. Curly hair can be pretty hard to handle at times and keeps me from doing certain hairstyles and I’ve learned to live without those styles, but this summer I wanted ombre, dip-dyed hair so bad. It was a dream. Of course, curls are not the easiest for that chic look. So after bleaching my hair once realizing the ombre effect was pretty impossible I decided that I wanted cotton candy blue. Which would be nearly impossible with my dark hair but I didn’t care. So I went from a fading brown to an orange blond which was the result of two bleaches. 
My godmother who saw my home adventures with bleach via facebook offered to take me to her hairdresser in Austin. After telling the hairdresser that I wanted blue she refused to do it for the sake of my hair. Though it was hard to take since I had so many dreams of cotton candy hair, I knew she was right. We would have had to bleach my hair at least another two times and I could already tell my hair was getting a little worn out. So instead of blue, we went to my natural hair color (which I didn’t even have before my bleaching adventure) black, black. It’s no blue, but I like it. And she added a bit of red in the back just for the heck of it. 
I really love this look. I honestly can’t remember the last time my hair was its natural color because I tend to lighten it brown. Perhaps after all the mess my hair has been through I’ll take a dying break for a while. I’m sure my curls would appreciate that, and I’m making it a goal to eat natural and stay away from harsh chemicals which I guess includes dyes....
Thanks for listening to my hair adventure. What do you think of dying hair and bleaching? Are there any natural alternatives to bleaching and dying if I want lighter hair? What experiences have you had dying hair?
Xoxo sarah j. 

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