A Fourth of July Outfit/Restyle

Since summer started I really haven't done any fashion posts. Maybe because it's over a hundred degrees everyday and I start sweating immediately. Maybe it's because my fashion sense lately has been too comfy casual. Who knows. But after restyling a pair of old jeans into these awesome shorts I really wanted to show them off in some photos. So the photos didn't come out perfect but I still love them. It was a little awkward shooting these in front of people but hey, I wanted the scenery. Hopefully these mean more outfit posts in the future, cause I really love and miss those. And I'm also counting this as a restyle...it was a pretty simple one that required paintbrushes and fabric paint with the addition of embroidery thread on the cuffs to add more texture. I love them. They make me proud to be an American.
I really love dressing up for holidays. Do you?