Daily Outfit: Messy Hair & Flowers

The basic fact is that I always have messy hair. Thanks to the combination of humidity, curls, and horrible bed head it’s always got poofs and such. Really though, I love it. I used to spend hours trying to get my hair to be perfect and I’ve finally fallen in love with its imperfection.
I’ll share more on my hair in an upcoming post, but anyway… it’s been pretty rainy here in Texas these past few days which would normally be an exciting escape from the heat but of course the humidity is even worse than death. Even still, I love daily outfits and I just couldn’t resist doing one with the bangs I got going on today.
Today it was just me and the tripod. I think these might be some of my most successful poses for an outfit. Of course I still don’t really like showing off my face and smiling, but I’m working on it…. 
 Sorry I keep rambling on different things… Hope your july is sweet so far <3 much love, Sarah.
p.s I also wanted to show off my cute summer sunnies. I got them from modcloth and they are my most favorite sunglasses I’ve ever had!
Oufitdetails: shirt//f21, dress//urbanoutfitters, belt//American Eagle, shoes//Saltwater Sandals, sunglasses//modcloth

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