Weekly Restyle #2

For my second weekly restyle I converted an old maxi dress of mine into a maxi skirt. I'm really in love  with this restyle project I've been doing. Since I'm out for school I can start doing them during the day instead of having to deal with crappy lighting. Anyway this is how I made my new skirt....
1. First I tried on my skirt and drew a white chalk line where I wanted to cut it or how long I wanted it, and I cut two inches above that line. 2. Next I cut vertically down the sides from the top to the chalk mark. 3. Then I folded the dress inwards and pinned it down to be ready for step four.. 4. step four is to sew the inside folds of the skirt. There should be two folds to sew. Do not sew the folds together.
5. After sewing the side check to make sure the line is nice and even. 6. the sewn folds should create a little tunnel. Begin pulling the elastic band through the tunnel through both folds. Be patient it takes a while to get the elastic band all the way through the circumference of the skirt 7. The elastic band should cross through the two folds like in image seven. 8. Once done putting the elastic through the ends of the band should come out one side. Put on the skirt again to the height you want it to be and pull the band to the desired tightness. Hold the bands where they are and take of the dress. 
9. Once you have the bands where you want them pin them down so they don't shift position. 10. Sew each end down. 11. Attach the side that does not have the ends together and your done!

This took me a little while but I really love my new maxi skirt. You can see how I styled my new skirt here. 
hope you enjoyed this restyle. much love, Sarah Jasmine. 

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