Movie Date!

On Saturday Joel and I went out to see The Avengers. It was soooo good! I can't remember the last time I went to the theaters....it's not super cozy is it? Oh well, despite the uncomfortable seats I had a blast. I absolutely adore movies. I can't wait for this summer when I can watch all the movies I want without having any sense of time management, muahaha. Anyway, here is what I wore...
I really love these heels. I got them at target and I just love them. They are perfect for summer I think! 
The skirt is a restyled dress that I will be posting up later. I'm really enjoying this restyle project I just don't have time to edit the photos! But I will make time. I had the best idea on how to turn this skirt into a shirt. I'm so excited to share...
In other news my birthday party is coming up this friday and I'm super nervous/excited/stressed. I love throwing parties but I always at the last minute feel that, "I'm way too in over my head!" feeling. This time around I've planned everything to the T and I'm trying to do a lot of little homemade crafts to make it a little cuter (and cheaper), but of course nothing ever goes exactly as planned. I'm trying to accept that.
I hope your weekend was lovely! xoxo. sarahjazzmine. 

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