Weekly Restyle #1

Hey guys this is the first post of my new series Weekly Restyle. The inspiration comes from my lack of money. I am completely obsessed with clothes and shopping, and I always get that "ugh I have nothing good to wear" attitude whenever I'm skimming through my closet. So to cure this I've decided to remodel several clothing pieces and make them brand new! Below I have a jumper that I turned into a romper for summer (sorry if the photos are a little crappy I did this at night)...
Before I remodel everything I always put it on to make sure that I really want to. Sometimes I'll put things on and decide that I would rather leave them as is. I highly encourage this so you don't have restyle remorse. 
I used my sewing machine, matching thread, chalk, pins, and sewing scissors to make my new romper. 
First, I tried on my romper and marked with chalk where I wanted to cut off. Remember to alway cut a little long just in case. (I use chalk because it is easy to wipe off. A good substitute would be a Crayola color pencil.) After I marked the length I cut across. The cuts don't have to be perfect. 
Second, I folded up the cut edges twice. A half inch each. I folded mine facing out because I wanted the little cuffs, but if you prefer a cleaner edge you can fold your ends inward. After I folded the ends I pinned them down not to come loose. I tried it on again with the pins in to make sure the legs were even. 
Third, I sewed my cuffs straight down the middle very slowly so that the ends would stay even. Here is the finished product:
 I'm pretty happy with the way this new romper came out! Now I have a new look for summer <3 come back for next week's restyle. xoxo. sarah jasmine.