Being Grateful.

It's an obsession of mine to convince myself that I'm going to improve in one way or another. It's especially rewarding when new practiced habits stick. Like my dedication to do yoga before bed, and drinking more water. Setting up little goals of self improvement and celebrating victories make me feel accomplished on even my laziest days. 
This is a new goal of mine: being grateful. As school comes to a close, stress piles up and it gets really easy to shoot complaints under my breath and start hating everything that moves. My stress is pretty dangerous. SO, in an attempt to cool off in my times of high stress when I start hating life, I began creating a this list of things that I'm grateful for to remind me why life is so wonderful. 
Here is my list from this week:
It's been pretty helpful. Now, I'm trying to extend this into more thank you's, and nice comments. Do you have any self improvement goals? xoxo. sarah jasmine.

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