Hey Classy Lady!

I consider myself somewhat of a snob at many things. I'm a greek food snob, a poetry snob, a wanna-be cheese snob, and every now and then a famous people snob. I don't brag about it, but I embrace it. Audrey Hepburn happens to be one of those snobby things for me. I absolutely love her and have for a long time now. When I was young my father had two barbie doll-type figures of Audrey Hepburn in different Breakfast at Tiffany's outfits. Since my first inquiry and admiration of those dolls Audrey Hepburn has been a beautiful beacon of what it means to be classy, kind, talented, and genuine even when coming from a rough background as she did. So, I always get a little snobby when the topic of her arises in school and all the girls in the class coo about beautiful Audrey. When that happens I feel it is my position to ask what movies they have seen of hers or what to they admire most about her because too often I get a blank stare and an "I don't know I just like her".  Yeah, I know it's rude, but how can you go on about loving Audrey if you haven't even seen Roman Holiday?
(Disclaimer: I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad, so I'm sorry if I do) 
Anyway, this is my new mini-series about classy ladies that inspire me. The most inspiring thing about Audrey Hepburn to me is through the hardships of her life she found courage to work hard in her career, be herself and serve others via her work with UNICEF all while putting on a beautiful smile for the world and future generations to enjoy.
If you love or want to love Audrey Hepburn watch her movies and read her bio. It's amazing! There is a movie about her called The Audrey Hepburn Story and it's pretty good too.  
much love, sarah jasmine. 

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