To The Father

This photo is one that will always be most dear to me. I was eight days old when my father picked me up. He told me the other day "maybe it was selfish of me but I knew that once I got you that I wanted to keep you and never give you up". To me that's strong love. I know a mother's love is quite famous for being unconditional and such, but I tell you that I have never seen a love like that of my father's. A man with no plans for a baby, nothing to worry for but himself, deciding to dedicate his life to another, mine. It's still hard for me to understand. He went through a love of Brittany Spears, boyfriends, periods, all of it on his own. I'm so proud of both of us after these 17 years how much we've both grown together and how strong our relationship has stayed. He's my best friend and my biggest fan. He's the reason I dream big and he constantly encourages me to live my dreams. I count myself extremely blessed to have this man as my father and as our time dwindles and I prepare to go off on my own, I plan to cherish every moment spent with my daddy.
To all the fathers out there, thank you for all that you do. And for the many mothers who, like my dad, take on two roles, happy father's day to you as well.
I love you daddy.
xoxo. sarah jasmine.


  1. So proud of you and your Daddy! He raised you well and you have become an amazing, talented, well-behaved, self-respecting, and respectful young woman! Love you both very much!