Cutting the chord...for now..

Lately I haven't really been great at putting together a blog. Even more than that I don't like how it looks and I'm never fully in love with a post. When I am I get no feed back so it's really draining to put a lot of work in something that I'm not even sure people care about.
But I will return. After some design and a bit more summer fun I'll come back. And I'll start advertising to hopefully get more feedback and followers. I have lots of content but I don't want to share it when my blog isn't at its best.
Thank you those who read it so much. The days I get lots of views make me so very happy. More than you know.
When I get my a new full redesign on, and buy a few advertisements, and put up my Etsy store I'll probably be back. Give me a couple weeks or a month.
much love, Sarah Jasmine.


  1. Aww I'll miss your posts!

  2. I'll for sure miss this a lot! Your posts always inspire me and there is never a one I don't enjoy. I will definitely be counting down the days until you get back and I'm sure it will be even more amazing when you do!