Workshop Wednesday: Special Words

I love handmade cards and letters. Who doesn't? Especially when it's quite obvious that a lot of love and time has been put into making and writing lovely things. Since mother's day is coming up and my cousin Sean just graduated I carved out some quality time with myself to make these simple watercolor-decorated cards. Besides the outside I spent some time pouring my heart into the messages inside of these cards. It's amazing the difference in my emotional attitude when I write stuff down rather than just type up a casual "happy birthday" or "congrats" on Facebook. The words, they just feel so much more genuine and...special. That's the best part of getting or giving handmade: writing or reading things from the heart that can't be store bought (not that the intent isn't genuine).
In addition to cards, my friends and I sometimes mail letters to each other. At first the idea seemed silly since we see each other at school anyway, but it's amazing how wonderful it feels to receive a letter filled with heartfelt words or even just silly jokes that can't be found in an everyday convo.
So like I said, since mother's day is coming up I encourage you to make a lovely card for your mother. All you need is a pen and some paper and some love. I just used regular old Crayola watercolors to add a pretty touch. Don't forget the most important part: the special words inside. And if you ever have free time, I encourage you to write a letter to someone you love just because. It's a lovely activity to partake in. 
Have fun writing! xoxo. sarah jasmine. 
(p.s- on a side note, when mailing letters to friends its super fun to write fake names. it seems lame, but it's not. promise.)

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