Kindness & A Giveaway!

Lately I've been trying so hard to just be sweeter. It sounds a little lame to just say, but I'm realizing how important (and just nice) it is to be kind to people. Friends, family, strangers. Sometimes it's really hard, and you're grumpy, but let me tell you that this week I was victim of a random act of kindness and it really meant the world to me.
I love Jackie Kennedy, she's a pretty cool lady and I mention her often in history class (this has a point I promise). My history teacher overhearing this told me about how his wife also likes Jackie and through a discussion I talked to him about my blog and my etsy coming up this summer. He told me his wife had an Etsy and showed me her lovely necklace pendants. Two days later he brought me this Jackie Kennedy pendant as a gift from his wife. I was so shocked and so happy. How kind is that?!? I absolutely love the adorable necklace, but what I love more is that a woman who had never met me was so willing to be kind. That's awesome.
So with this inspiration and reinforcement I am certain that love and kindness is always the way to go.
While you're at is check out this lovely lady's (Mrs. Nanette Casselberry's) Etsy! Her necklaces are so pretty <3
While we're on the note of giving I'm going to host my first giveaway via me!
I'm going to give away one handmade hair bow, with your choice of size and fabric, to a lucky reader.
To enter leave a comment below telling me what your favorite accesory is and on Sunday I will randomly select a winner!
Here are some samples of my bows:
Enter below! Goodluck! 
XOXO. sarahjazzmine.


  1. I adore chunky, statement earrings.(:
    Love you Sarah!

  2. I adore minx fur coats.
    -Pam (your BIFFLE)