Summer Reading List...Kind Of....

I hit summer off with a loooonnnggg weekend. And by long I mean staying up late and waking up early. I'm adjusting to the long limitless days. As an adolescent I feel like summer is a time of complete freedom and as this is the summer before the summer I go to college I want to get the most out of it! 
So, I allowed myself to be a little lazy before getting to the real work of this summer. From now on it will be blogging, sewing, photographing, and plenty of river/lake/beach trips. sounds tough huh? I'm diving into summer head first. 
I'm not just excited to be out of school; in all honesty I cannot wait get started on all my blog ideas and prepare for a make over! I'll be redesigning the old blog and kicking off my Etsy store soon. Not to mention adding plenty of new content. Since school is out I feel motivated to really put a lot of effort into this space. I've also got my hands on Photoshop CS5 and my new writing tablet that helps me create little doodles and I'm so excited to start employing into my blog content.
Anyway, this post was suppose to be geared toward my summer reading but I got a little carried away with myself. The books above are part my reading goal for this long summer, along with a few french reads to prep for AP French IV and Beowulf (I'm not excited for that one). 
Oh summer! Bring lots of reading and fun and friends and well everything you can! 
xoxo. sarah jasmine <3 
(p.s- below is a little gif I made for you with my new Wacom tablet) 


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