Life in Photos

Life lately has been pretty full these first few days of summer and I'm loving every minute of it! After so much activity, I took off today to spend the whole day just cleaning and throwing things out, preparing my space for a highly active summer. 
Joel and I spent yesterday morning just talking and discussing goals for this summer and one of them is an attempt to cook more (since we are avid go-out food eaters). So we made a little Greek chicken Souvlaki from home. It was delicious! Perhaps I'll share more on that adventure later... 
I'm also trying other new things such as a cosmetic change (hint hint I'm dying my hair). I'm excited but scared as how it'll turn out! 
I'm ready to get down in my newly clean and organized room (and by get down I mean craft and sew my butt off). See you soon with some good stuff. 
Much love, Sarah Jasmine. 
P.S- I've had these songs in my head all week. 
They are pretty good stuff.  

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