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One of my goals this summer is to focus on my photography and work on improving my skill. Hopefully this means I will be updating my Flickr more often and loading up some good photographs for you to enjoy! I love photography and I'm excited to dedicate more time to this hobby for the blog and for my own personal enjoyment as well as possibly doing events, senior portraits, or other photo jobs in the future. Today I wanted to introduce you to the camera's I have and will be using throughout the summer. 
First up is my Canon T1i. I got this baby the year before last for christmas and I love her. She's my standard DSLR with a 50mm lens. I also have a fish eye lens for her and I'm hoping to get a 35mm lens soon... This camera takes practically all the photos on my blog and I'm really grateful to have it. Hopefully when I go off to college I can level up but for now the T1i works just fine for me. 

Next up is my fujifilm. I got this one this past Christmas and I absolutely LOVE it. You can see a few examples above. It's pretty big to carry around but it's so easy and fun to use and the film is cheaper than polaroid film. If you are in the market for one of these DON'T GET IT ANYWHERE BUT ONLINE. When I first wanted this camera I noticed that at Urban Outfitters sold it for about 130 dollars (or more). You should order the camera and film online. You can get the camera for about 50 or more dollars cheaper and I get the film for 18 dollars for two sets of 10 rather than 30 in the stores. Anyway, besides the numbers...I love this camera. 

Polaroids are fun too! The film is a bit more expensive but the Impossible Project is a great supplier. I bought this polaroid at an antique store for 2 bucks! It's beautiful and easy to use like the Fujifilm. I really love instant camera's. The two photos above are from when my best friend and I were experimenting with it for the first time. 
These two camera's are new and I have yet to try them out but I'm SO excited to use them this summer. I got them both for my birthday from very lovely friends. The first is a "Party Cam" from Urban Outfitters and it puts all these cool graphics on your film photos. I think they are around 12 bucks and for those cool graphics I say that it's totally worth it. 
The next is an old Minolta film camera that is so beautiful. I have yet to try it out since I have to replace the battery but I can't wait to use it. I haven't shot in film since last year in my photography class when my Canon AE-1 broke. I'm nervous but excited to do film again! 

I had lots of old film camera's a while back but in an effort to simplify I got rid of many that didn't work. Besides these I also have an underwater camera that is nearly impossible to use. I don't know exactly where it came from but it eats up batteries like crazy! Maybe this year I'll learn to use it better... Here is an example of an underwater photo: 

Thanks for checking out my camera's! I can't wait to shoot some fabulous summer memories. If you have any technical questions, questions about where to get these cameras, or want to hire a photographer just comment below or email me at jasmine.montgomery@gmail.com <3 xoxo sarah jasmine. 

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