17 things before 18

With my birthday, my cousin's graduation, and finals I've put blogging on hold for a bit, but I'm here and summer is just a day away so I'm ready to fill this place with all the things I've been wanting too! I have so many things laid out for the weeks to come, from writings to restyles, to fun summer projects so be prepared! Speaking of things to do, since my birthday was on Tuesday I created a new list of things to do before my 18th birthday.
Here you can see my list from last year:
Last Year's List:
Sew my own dress
go on a picnic
have a Photo shoot
begin writing a short novel
do a 365 on flickr
have a tea party
go to the Children's Museum 
create an Etsy account
Write a hundred poems (sort of)
learn how to drive
paint...a lot
throw a party for someone
press flowers
buy an instant camera
have 50 blog followers
I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty disappointed in myself. I only got about half of my goals done and I hardly photographed these accomplishments. But this year I plan on getting all 17 items completed and share them with you here as I go along.
So, here is this year's list:
Get into college
go on a picnic 
sew a line of dresses
have a tea party
create an Etsy Store
produce an original font
become a better photographer/photoshop user
have 50 blog followers
redesign my blog
get a bigger vocabulary
create a summer & senior year scrapbook
make my own prom dress 
make business cards
go camping!
make a website for someone
do great on an SAT
((break a few rules))

These are my main goals for the next year. Some of these I've been doting on for a while and some of them I just threw on there for fun (such as the break rules and go camping ones)! I always feel so strange when I look back on a year thinking about all that took place. All the hardship and stress and laughter and good times. As I get older I can't help but want to cling to the past as the time to move out into the world on my own approaches. Hopefully these goals will help me move forward and make this last year of high school and of adolescence a memorable and fulfilling one! 

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