Workshop Wednesdays

Today was pretty dreary outside and it was just one of those days where you just wish you could lay in the grass and soak up the sun. Despite its dreariness it felt like a good day for writing. 
This week's Workshop Wednesday is pretty fun if you ask me (of course I did come up with it....) Instead of learning a new type of writing I just wanted to give a little prompt. Most prompts I get in school are boring and usually dampen my imagination so I wanted to make sure that any prompt I give would not be very binding. 
This little work took me about 10 minutes to complete, 15 if you include editing, but you can take as little or as much time as you really need. I suggest you start with 10 minutes and if you want to develop your piece further do it. 

Here is your prompt: 
Write about a girl with a smudge on her cheek and how it got there. (Simple enough right?) 

Here is my original writing: 

Here is my final product:
Lolita laughs hard with joy. Her bright eyes glowing, almost beaming in all directions. She picks up another handful of dark matter and smears her brother across the chest as he shrieks with delight. Then mother comes, startled by the screams and gives them the once over trying to hold back her smile as she gazes at her piglets enjoying the first winter rain they have seen in the Mojave this year. She beacons her niƱos to come inside and wash off before they get sick and with a childlike reverence they come. Each of them wash toes to ears but on the little nub where jaw meets ear Lolita saves a smudge. And there it lies, an attempt to save a fond memory. A keepsake made with the sad reality that it might be a while until she sees the refreshing rain again.  

I like little writing exercises like this because whenever I'm facing writers block I can usually just do a warm-up and it'll break me of it. As you can see my piece is short, only about a paragraph. For a piece like this just let your mind run loose and I encourage you to use lots of imagery. Imagery can turn a boring story into a sweet tale. 
good luck with your writing! xoxo. sarah jasmine. 

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