Looking Forward

I had a post planned today about all my little French inspirations, but I decided to share something else. Today was a very down day. Four different funerals were being attended by various people in my school and as my friend put it everyone seemed very vacant. The subject of death is a hard one for us I think. Being young, it's not something that we like to ever talk about: growing old, dying. It's even harder to think about losing someone that we love. After a recent death I realized how startling such a reality could be. One minute a person is there and then they are gone and we are left with nothing but the memories we've made. It's hard to know what to say when such things happen. It almost feels guilty to go on, but we have to. This is life and there is nothing to do but move forward, step by step. Don't waste life on little worries and live it, but of course never forget the ones you held most dear. Every day is precious.
xoxo. sarah jasmine.

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