Sunny California?

After our brief stop in Vegas we headed to our final destination Stanford, California so that I could take a tour of Stanford and such. The school is absolutely amazing but the weather was not.  The tour guide told us that it was the worst day they had seen all year! So of course no pictures :(
But the California fun did not stop there.
Being 30 minutes away from San Francisco we drove to see the Golden Gate bridge and went to the famous China town. The weather was still awful so we resorted to looking at the bridge through our car window and we all got sick from eating in China town. bleh!
Needless to say it was not the Californian experience I was hoping for but once we all felt better and the weather cleared up I got to go to In N' Out for the first time ever. Now, I'm not one for fast food but it was awesome and just the pick-me-up we all needed.
Me and Joel spent the rest of our visit to California exploring his Aunt & Uncles house and garden where we stayed... it was of course too rainy for a lot of photos so as I mentioned in my Las Vegas post my attempt to document this trip was a bit of a disaster... oh well! I learned a lot about blogging on trips so I will be prepared next time!
Despite the bad weather and food I enjoyed my trip to California and I loved Stanford. I cannot wait to apply! I got back yesterday and it feels good to be home and not in a car for at least 8 hours a day. Well, lots of unpacking and cleaning to do. Spring break sure went by fast... XOXO. Sarah Jasmine.

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