Sunday Mornings

So I've decided to pick up my Sunday Mornings post series again. Every sunday I will be posting a blog that I love and a video that I've been swooning over for the week.
Here is this week's package!

I Just Might Explode is an amazing blog that always inspires me! Kara is creative and an excellent writer with a personality that I really admire. Her blog is very relaxed and not overwhelming which is great if you want to escape for a bit and she's got a great story. She runs a couple businesses that I encourage you to buy from. Her sweaters are to die for and she's an amazing scrapbooker; I'm going to take one of her journal classes this summer! This blog is definitely top of the line and wonderful. I hope to have a blog like this one day.

The video for this week is "When We Were Young" by Sucre. The singer for Sucre is Stacy King from Eisley and she is absolutely amazing and inspiring. She performs along with her husband and Jeremy Larson, husband of my favorite blogger of all time Elsie who's upper part of her shop was used to make this video and Elsie also designed her dress. They're first album and vinyls come out next month. I can't wait! You can go to the Sucre blog to find out more.

Have a magical Sunday <3 Love, Sarah Jazzmine

p.s- I recently updated a couple of my pages so you can check them out! :)

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