Daily Outfits: Polka Dot Love

I have a pretty wide style. I love comfy girly dresses. I like patterns and colors but I love simple pieces. I love shoes but to me hair accessories are the most important. I don't like t-shirts or pants because they can be uncomfortable but after a long week of wearing dresses I really need some jeans. It's strange. I love clothes. I used to think that was shallow and maybe it is but I love them. I love expressing myself and my style and I love seeing others do the same. I also used to be bummed all the time browsing the web looking at beautiful clothes and wishing I had them. I know now it's not what you wear, but how you wear it. I can look at Kate Spade's latest looks or Anthropology and swoon, and instead of mourning over my lack of funds I try and find cheaper alternatives. It works. 
Sometimes I go to school and people wonder why I'm so dressy all the time and I tell them: because I like it. Dressing pretty makes me feel good. It gives me confidence that comes from loving my style and loving who I am and expressing that. 
So yes, I love clothes, and also right now I'm loving Polka dots <3
What is your style? 
XOXO. Sarah Jasmine.

Outfit details: Dress//Forever 21, Shoes//Urban Outfitters, Bow Tie(in my hair)//taken from my daddy, Earrings//Clair's. 

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