On a side note...

After writing my short piece for the Las Vegas part of my trip, sitting in this hotel room using internet for the first real time in days, I was unhappy. Here I am killing myself to try and get the best photos, the best writing, the best everything so that someone, anyone will want to read. As I complained my boyfriend reading over my shoulder reminded me: "Sarah you're doing this for you, not for anyone else". He is right. Why take the enjoyment out of blogging? This is an expression for me and whether one person or a hundred people are reading it I should be as happy with the content as any of the other bloggers I follow are with theirs.
So this is a little side note I just want to encourage you (and myself) to make sure you are doing something for the right reasons.
I'm so happy to be blogging again. Honestly I'm happy to be on the internet again...it's sad but I am truly addicted.

Thank you so much for reading. Every view is encouraging <3
XOXO. Sarah Jasmine. 

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