Random Ponderings

I’ve been at an academic competition all day. My brain hurts, I have lots of homework and I can’t stop pondering long enough to focus. I had to write it down so please don't judge. It seems at times like this that I cannot decide what to value most highly in this world. I can say that materials are unimportant but daydreams of dress designs, crafts, and future homes fill my brain often. With a heart for the natural world and a mind that seeks fast knowledge of every kind I find myself lost. And that soul part of me is somewhat of a poet, a romantic, and a kind hearted concerned girlfriend, daughter, friend, and granddaughter. What does it take to define such a person? My brain struggles to formulate myself into a reasonable category as my ears and eyes search frantically for others opinions. Words like “hipster, artsy, and super-genius chick” boil on the surface of this melting pot of judgment. Other things like “sweet”, “original”, and “loud” and “stuck-up” also get thrown in. So who am I? Why is the world so unkind as to throw me hundreds of millions of beautiful images telling me who I want to be and halfway through my attempt I can’t tell looking in the mirror what form I’ve taken. So here is me, lost among my wonderings. On days like this I have to force myself to set aside such thoughts for another day and focus on moving forward one foot in front of the other. Such time consuming thoughts must be saved for days when I am not drowning in work to do despite how much I love thinking. 
What are you thinking about this Tuesday?
xoxo. Sarah J.

p.s- this photo is also random. I took some stargazing pictures a few weeks ago and haven't used them for anything yet...

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