Workshop Wednesdays: The Art of Haiku

Hello there this is my second edition of Workshop Wednesdays. Today I will be going over the art of making a haiku. Haikus are perfect for short moments of inspiration or for putting something special in a scrapbook or over a photo. They never say too much!

Here is one of my favorite Haikus:

How admirable! 
to see lightning and not think 
life is fleeting.

My dad also did a series of Haikus for a year everyday and he loved it.

So here's how you do it:
The first line is 5 syllables
the next line is 7
and the last one is 5
That's it!

Now for the prompt: Write a haiku related to your favorite season, and then write one about your favorite activity of that season. Mine is spring right now so I'm inspired! Note: They don't have to be super deep just write whatever comes to you :)

Here are my Haikus:

Winds of life arrive
with sprouting beings, lovely
and bright in newness

Cold is now melted,
as I lay in green peace and  
listen to birds sing

Now get writing!
xoxo. sarah jazzmine.

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