HOW-TO: Pinecone Garland

I was inspired by something on Pinterest to make my own pinecone garland. It's basically just painting pinecones. easy right? 
Here's what you need to make your own:
Scrap paper, pinecones (either picked off the ground or found in your local craft store), paint, paintbrushes, a water cup, thick thread, and glittery paint (optional). 
Here's how I made my pinecone garland:
1. Paint your pinecones. I did the top half to give them a dipped look. Then set them to dry on your scrap paper. 2. Paint the edges with glitter paint. You can skip this step, I just loved how the glitter accented the edges. 3. Use the thread to wrap around the pinecones and hang them up. I used the natural crevasses in the pinecones to keep them on the string. 
There you have it, simple and cute decorations for your holiday cheer. 
have fun making your own and experiment with different pinecone decor! 
much love, sarah jasmine. 

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