Meeting Deadlines

This is deadline season. If you think like me the word deadline is a daunting, foreboding word. I’m faced with deadlines every day. Yearbook deadlines, homework deadlines, college application deadlines. Procrastination, stress, and an overall pile of other things to do makes it hard to meet deadlines. I know many of you are facing the horrifying reality of deadlines just like me. Several people have asked me how I stay a float so here’s my list of tips for meeting deadlines and staying sane. 

-Work smart: By this I mean don’t procrastinate. For big projects set aside a little time each day to do some work. This not only prevents from having to do it all the night before or stressing out last minute, but it gives you breather time if other projects or events come up. Make a schedule of how much time you want to spend on each task a night and seriously time yourself.
-Don’t forget the basics: Like eating and sleeping and washing yourself.  No matter how stressed you are, don’t stop any of these.
-Freaking out is okay: Everyone has to just freak out sometimes. You’re stressed and frustrated. Cry, scream into a pillow, whatever. Get those emotions out because once you do you’ll feel better and not so anxious towards work.
-Prioritize: Start out with what is most important. I love my blog, but as a teen with school this is not my first priority. I try not to stress out if I don’t blog for a week, because I know I have other things to do. It’s easy to get sidetracked, so make a list in order of importance of what you need to get done. Once the important stuff is out of the way you feel a lot less stressed and have more time to focus on other things.
-Drink water/eat healthy: When we’re busy and stressed it’s so easy to grab a soda or an unhealthy snack. This really is unproductive because you’re not getting the energy you need to function at your best. Avoid caffeine that makes you all jittery. Water really helps with staying awake, but if you need an extra kick try and find a low-cal natural drink. As far as food, take the twenty minutes it takes to eat a proper meal. It may seem like a waste but you will have more energy in the long run.
-If you miss it, you miss it: This may seem like an odd tip but it’s something really important to remember. You’re not perfect, and you will sometimes miss deadlines. The important thing to know is that it’s not the end of the world. If it’s a school project just try getting it done for the next day. I know some deadlines are not as simple as just missing it, but for those things that won’t have an effect on you for the entire rest of your life, it’s good to remind yourself that missing one deadline is not the end of the world.   
-Take breaks: After so long you’re tired and your brain is tired as well. Every hour or so take a short break to let yourself rest, and then get back to work.
-get help: Don’t try it all on your own. During stressful times I usually rely on my dad to help me out. He’ll do those necessary things such as my laundry and he’ll proof check papers just so that I can keep working as much as I can. Carrying a load all on your own makes work feel a lot tougher and a lot more unmanageable. Do homework with friends or just straight up ask for help. When you really need it, it’s always good to ask, and don’t underestimate those around you who are gladly willing to help! 
-Reward yourself: When I get major projects done or I work really hard and finish work early I like to reward myself. It’s extra motivation and it encourages me for the next deadline I have. Rewards can be something simple, like baking a batch of cookies after finishing a paper, or having a girls night out after finalizing a project. Whatever motivates you. 

I hope these help you with your next deadline. Goodluck! If you want more helpful tips I love these.
Thanks for reading. Much love, sarah j. 

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