How-To #2

I did this little DIY for my school's newspaper so I figured I might as well post it up here even though this tutorial is all over the web. Oh well, if you haven't seen this yet basically we're gonna transform a plain mug into a cute and personalized masterpiece!
Step One: Find a cheap white mug that you can alter. (They have tons at thrift stores like Goodwill).
Step Two: Take a sharpie and practice designs on a paper.
Step Three: Draw your designs on the cup using the sharpie.
Step Three: Place the mug in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees, and allow to cool completely before using or washing. Hand wash only. Do not place mugs in the washing machine.

Ta-da! This is perfect for personalizing a cute mug for the cold season to use for hot chocolate and tea. It’s also a great gift idea. Fill it with treats and give it to someone you love. 
I want to try this again using different colored sharpies or even gold ones like this one. My design was inspired by Elsie
Thanks for letting my share this How-To. xoxo sj. 

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